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Episode 3: LDS Artwork Revisited – Anthony Sweat

In this fascinating discussion, Russell Stevenson interviews Dr. Anthony Sweat, who is an artist, BYU religion professor, and illustrator of the recent publications From Darkness into Light and Joseph Smith’s Seer Stones. In recent years, LDS artwork found in church curriculum and magazines has been criticized because it does not portray the Book of Mormon translation process historically accurate.

Dr. Sweat shares that the first place his students often learn that Joseph Smith put stones into a hat when translating is through the television show South Park. He seeks to provide artwork that not only portrays the process more accurately but also respectfully.

Russell Stevenson and Anthony Sweat discuss how artists — from Arnold Friberg to the creators of South Park — have helped shape perceptions of LDS scriptures and historical events over the past seventy years.

Extra Resources:

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