Episode 126: From Conflict to Closeness with Emil Harker

About the Interview:

Many relationships may be improved simply by practicing good communication skills.

In this interview, Emil Harker discusses a program for improving our ability to communicate well in crucial conversations.

Over the past 20 years, he has counseled thousands of couples on how to improve their marriages by applying 7 critical skills:

  1. Assuming Good Intent
  2. Defining and Accepting Reality
  3. Communicating with the Desired Outcome in Mind
  4. Clear, Direct, and Sensitive Communication
  5. Killing Criticisms
  6. Fencing Conflict
  7. Disarming Landmines

Listen as Emil Harker discusses how we can improve our most important relationships.

You can receive a free book by here on Emil’s website: emilharker.com.

About Our Guest:

Emil Harker graduated with a master’s degree in family and marriage therapy in 1999 from Utah State University. He is a popular speaker for public and professional organizations and companies as he teaches his innovative communication and conflict resolution strategies from his book “You Can Turn Conflict into Closeness”: 7 Communication Skills of Successful Marriages.

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Complaining Quick Reference Card

Fencing Conflict Quick Reference Card

Workbook for 7 Communication Skills

Complaining Quick Reference Guide
Fencing Conflict Quick Reference Guide

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