Latter-day Saint Perspectives is a twice-monthly podcast featuring interviews with respected scholars about Latter-day Saint history, doctrine, and culture. Since its debut in 2017, listeners have downloaded the show over 2 million times from 124 countries.

The goal of our show is to encourage deeper engagement with Latter-day Saint doctrine and history. Many listeners and scholars value the tone of our interviews, which allows them to talk about serious topics in an environment that is not hostile towards the Latter-day Saint Church or its leaders.

Below are just some of the comments we have received:

  • We LOVE your podcast.  We are serving a mission in Athens, Greece, and we enjoy listening whenever we travel or have a chance.  Thank YOU!
  •  I really love listening to these podcasts. Keep doing the good work. Congrats to the team.
  •  We are wondering if there are other podcasts that you recommend we should consider listening to that are similar to yours?  We need something more between waiting for your next program.
  •  Thank you for the recent podcast on the gospel of Mark with Julie Smith. I loved it.
  • I hope in the future you might do similar interviews with the other authors of the BYU New Testament Commentary. I also see that you have interviews with the Givens coming up. Hooray – great stuff!
  • Thank you for at least allowing for those who find the flood narrative to be fictional to have a seat at the gospel table. I have found that some take offense when I point out the parallels to Gilgamesh or the impossibility of that much water covering the earth. Yet, I feel that this story does serve many purposes. Your summary above just about “covers it” completely. We all need to hit the reset button from time to time and go back to the start.
  •  Big fan of the podcasts. (From Ukraine) Thank you for your podcast!