Episode 5: Book of Mormon Central – Neal Rappleye

Welcome to the first podcast in our Young Scholars Series. In these episodes, we introduce listeners to young scholars who are presenting scholarship that belies their ages and formal educational training.

This week Blake Dalton interviews Neal Rappleye.

Neal is the office manager at Book of Mormon Central. Like most of his co-workers, he is a Millennial. His team is young and talented.

Five days a week they pump out KnoWhys on some aspect of Book of Mormon scholarship. Each KnoWhy includes a one-minute video, a short essay, references, and an audio version of the essay.

But Book of Mormon Central is much more than a collection of KnoWhys. Neal shares some of the other resources it provides and introduces us to a new and exciting tool that may just change the way we study the Book of Mormon.

Extra Resources:

Book of Mormon Central Website

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